KaQiLa: A new exercise method from Japan
KaQiLa helps to align the body with rib movements
Moving ribs eases shoulder and neck pain!

What's KaQiLa?

KaQiLa is a new exercise method from Japan that serves to increase your physical well-being. The KaQiLa method was invented by grandmaster Misako in Japan. KaQiLa is composed of three Japanese words: "Ka" is the initial syllable of "Kansetsu" (joints); "Qi" is the initial syllable of "Ki(Qi)nou" (body function) and "La" is the initial syllable of "Laku" (well-being). KaQiLa is therefore focused on improving mobility of the joints, the body functions and physical well-being.

The principle of the KaQiLa method is based on moving the ribs through deep chest breathing. The ribs are connected to the spine by joints. When the ribs move, the corresponding joints also move and the misalignment of the spine will be corrected. The corrected position of the spine in turn can improve the function of all joints.

In addition, KaQiLa also promotes the activity of the respiratory muscles, allowing more oxygen to be absorbed into the brain and body. When the joints are aligned, the muscles are also aligned. This promotes lymph and blood flow in the muscles and increases metabolism. The result is a marked improvement in body function and physical well-being.

Tamaki is a certified KaQiLa trainer and has been giving KaQiLa classes in Berlin since 2012. Yuki has been a certified KaQiLa trainer since 2020. More and more people in Berlin are inspired by KaQiLa and enjoy its beneficial effects.

How was KaQiLa invented?


Misako was a gymnastics teacher and also taught healthy nutrition classes. In 1996, however, she developed a thyroid tumour and was no longer able to move her body the way she wanted to. She also suffered from fatigue and severe dizziness. These circumstances led her to start researching a health method that could be used without putting any strain on the body. She therefore focused on the joints rather than the muscles. By studying the function of bones and joints, she developed the new concept of "moving the ribs". All the exercise units she has created are anatomically validated. In 2009, she completed her studies and presented them to the public.
KaQiLa Official Website https://www.kaqila.com




rib cage

It is assumed that the cause of many health problems is based on a misalignment of the thoracic vertebrae, which are connected to the ribs. With KaQiLa, the ribs will be moved specifically to correct distortions and misalignments in this area.


Chest breathing

KaQiLa leads the rib cage, which surrounds the lungs, back into its normal position so that it can move easily. This allows more oxygen to circulate into the body, which in turn leads to relief from physical discomfort.


Completely pain-free

The individual movement units - called "kata" - are functionally adapted to the anatomical conditions. Therefore, each participant can perform all the "kata" painlessly according to his/her individual mobility/joint condition.


Easy for everyone

KaQiLa is suitable for everyone: unathletic people, pregnant women, children, older people as well as well-trained athletes. No previous experience is required for KaQiLa.


Immediate effect

From the approximately 600 "kata", we select the ones that correspond to the goal of the respective courses. Consistently exercising one hour of "kata" provides positive effects.


With music

The movement sequences in the "kata" are based on natural movements. Supported by music, "kata" performed harmoniously and fluently are like dancing. KaQiLa is cool!

The rib movements are the key to improve
your physical discomfort.


New Exercise Method KaQiLa

Deeper breathing and better posture
by moving the rib joints.


  1. Prevention and easing of chronic pain

    • Stiff shoulders, back and neck pain
    • Knee and hip pain
    • Sensitivity to cold and swelling

    KaQiLa works on: Joint- and back-friendly posture

  2. image of Prevention and relief of menopausal symptoms

    Prevention and relief of menopausal symptoms

    • Chronic shoulder pain (frozen shoulder)
    • Sleep disorders and mood swings
    • Disturbance of the vegetative nervous system
    • Fatigue and migraine

    KaQiLa works on: Mental and physical well-being

  3. image of Preventing a possible need for long-term care

    Preventing a possible need for long-term care

    • Preventing frailty in later life
    • Prevention of diseases of civilisation
    • Prevention of disorders of the sense of balance and the musculoskeletal system
    • Prevention and symptom relief of incontinence

    KaQiLa works: Through regular simple exercise, having fun & staying healthy throughout the elderly years

  4. image of Fitness, Health and Beaut

    Fitness, Health and Beauty

    • Tone the body
    • Improve circulation and lymph flow
    • Stimulate metabolism and fat burning
    • Ideal pre- and postnatal training (pelvis training)

    KaQiLa works: To improve your posture and feel beautiful from inner self

  5. image of Good posture for children

    Good posture for children

    • Against hollow backs, hunched backs, flat backs and misalignment of the spine
    • Improvement in concentration
    • Against stiff shoulders and tired eyes
    • Parents and children improve their posture together

    KaQiLa works: To exercise with fun - Health for body and soul

Our Feedback

  • My neck stiffness has disappeared. Besides that, I had trouble sleeping, but after the course I can sleep really well again.
    Woman, 40s
  • I felt that my pelvis was out of position since I gave birth, but after the course I feel much better.
    Woman, 30s
  • It's like I've given myself a massage. After the course my body actually feels much more flexible.
    Mr, 50s
  • My body has become warmer after the course. Before, my hands were always cold. But now I feel much better.
    Woman, 60s

Different types of exercises

KaQiLa offers different forms of exercise: Depending on your individual health, anatomical condition and personal goals, we choose the appropriate form of exercise together.

On the Mat

All exercises are performed on the mat.

Recommended if
  • you want to move all joints.
  • you want to tone and strengthen your abdominals and buttocks.
  • you want to increase your metabolism and burn fat.
On the Mat

On the Chair

All exercises are performed on the chair.

Recommended if
  • you have hip or knee problems.
  • you want to exercise without changing clothes.
  • you want to do light exercises at the workplace, for example.
On the Chair

On a low Stool

All exercises are performed on a low stool.

Recommended if
  • you have hip or knee problems.
  • you want to exercise in a comfortable sitting position.
  • you want to do something about your neck and hip pain with effective exercises.
On a low Stool

Ce-rr-lu-us: KaQiLa Power Training

All exercises are performed dynamically. (Power KaQiLa)

Recommended if
  • you want to strengthen your deep muscles.
  • you want to get your cardiovascular circulation going.
  • you want to tone your entire body.

KaQiLa for Children

All exercises are performed in a child-friendly way with dance-like movements.

Recommended if
  • children have bad posture.
  • children have a lack of concentration.
Parents are also welcome to attend this course. Have fun with your children!
KaQiLa for Children

Course overview

Online, face-to-face, private and small group lessons according to your wishes
  • Online Courses


    On the Mat
    Mon 19:15〜20:10
    Tue ・ Fri 9:15〜9:30(15 Minutes)
    2nd ・ 4th Wed 13:00〜14:00
    On the Chair
    Mon・Thu 10:00〜10:30
    On the Mat
    Tue・Thu・Fri Early Morning
  • Wilmersdorf A


    On the Mat
    Mon 10.00〜11.00
    Fri 9:15〜10:15
    On the Mat & Chair
    Fri 10:45〜11:45
  • Wilmersdorf B


    On the Chair
    2nd Tue 13.00〜14:00
  • Prenzlauer Berg


    KaQiLa the Stool
    Tue 9:50〜10:40
    Tue 11:10〜12:00
  • Japanese-German Centre


    On the Chair
    Thu 17:15〜18:15

Join us for KaQiLa, an exercise that will help you align your body from the rib movements, and feel better physically and mentally!

KaQiLa is a health training based on scientific knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. KaQiLa exercises are performed according to individual physical conditions, in accordance with your own rhythm and respective strengths, in a relaxed manner and with joy.

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