Course Instructor/TrainerTamaki(たまき)

Hello, I am very pleased that you are interested in my KaQiLa course. My name is Tamaki Sugata and I have been teaching KaQiLa in Berlin since 2012. Since 2019 I am a certified instructor for KaQiLa.

I teach all KaQiLa methods: Besides KaQiLa on the yoga mat, also KaQiLa on the chair, KaQiLa on the stool and KaQiLa strength training (Ce-rr-lus). Ce-rr-lus is a training method that strengthens the body by increasing muscle control and improving blood circulation. Through regular instructor trainings, I always refresh and deepen my knowledge in all areas and I’ll never stop learning.

Dance and movement have always played a big role in my life. I have tried out many things and it is great fun for me to have new movement experiences.

I studied physical education and dance education at university. After that, I worked at various academies and universities in Japan as a dance teacher and gymnastics instructor. At the same time, I took several bodywork and dance courses, such as Alexander Technique, Naikantekishintaigihou, a special Japanese bodywork, modern dance, contemporary dance, ballet, African dance and Japanese folk dance.

Through my dance bodywork and KaQiLa studies I have had many opportunities to realize how much joy it gives me to share these experiences with others. It is also my pleasure to support people in strengthening and maintaining their health.

I am confident that you will enjoy participating in my classes. My gentle voice, the clear instructions and the well-coordinated exercise units will contribute to you going home completely relaxed and with a good feeling after each course.

I would be very happy to see you in my classes.


  • KaQiLa course instructor (KaQiLalist)
  • KaQiLa course instructor for the prevention of elderly care and frailty
  • Ce-rr-lu-us: KaQiLa fitness trainer
  • KaQiLa course instructor for KaQiLa the STOOL
  • Course instructor assistant for KaQiLa instructors
  • German B1 (Completed)
  • Junior high school and high school teacher licence (Physical Education)
カキラリスト・ベルリン支部長 Tamaki(たまき)

Tamaki: About me

Born in Osaka, Japan
Osaka Kyoiku University Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)
University of Tsukuba Master of Education (Dance Education)
Employed at various academies and universities in Japan as a dance teacher and gymnastics teacher. Simultaneous participation in several bodywork courses, such as Alexander Technique, Naikantekishtaigihou (a special Japanese bodywork method) and Japanese folk dance.
Married; moved to Germany; birth of my son.
Certified as a KaQiLa course instructor. Since October, conducting KaQiLa courses in Berlin.
Authorised to train KaQiLa course instructors.

I currently live in Berlin with my son and my Japanese husband, who is a contemporary dancer.

Course Instructor Yuki(ゆき)

Hello, thank you for your interest in KaQiLa Exercise! 

I am Yuki and a certified KaQiLa course instructor in Berlin. I am currently teaching several KaQiLa classes on the yoga mat.

I realised how great KaQiLa is after attending classes as a participant for 3 years. Then I started training to be a KaQiLa instructor because I wanted to share the happiness of relieving pain and maintaining a healthy body through KaQiLa with as many people as possible.

KaQiLa consists of simple movements that anyone can do, but all movements are anatomically supported. And more importantly, the results can be noticed immediately. I have received many positive comments from my participants. 

 -The pain from broken ribs is no longer there! 

 -The neck movement has improved and the arm can now be lifted! 

 -Headaches that lasted for several days are completely gone in one go! 

 -Stiff shoulders and neck have improved significantly! 

 -Posture has significantly improved! 

 -The back pain has decreased and the hip joint pain is gone! 

Many of my participants tell me after the class that they had a great time in class and are already looking forward to the next time! KaQiLa is just so much fun.

There are more than 600 different movements of KaQiLa. I will continue to improve my courses to meet your individual needs. The main aim is to put a big smile on your face and to help you get healthier for a longer period of time.

I look forward to seeing you all in one of my classes!


  • KaQiLa course instructor (KaQiLalist)
  • KaQiLa course instructor for children (Shiiku-taisou)
  • Baby Massage instructor
  • TELC German B2, DTZ
  • Junior High School and High School Teacher Licence (English)
  • EIKEN (English proficiency test) Grade Pre-1

Yuki: About me

Born in Ibaraki, Japan.
Ibaraki University Bachelor of Arts (Main major: English Linguistics)
University of Tsukuba Master of Arts (English Education)
The University of Queensland, Master of Arts (TESOL Studies)
University of Tsukuba Doctorial Program in Literature and Linguistics (Major: Linguistics)
Employed at universities in Fukuoka and Ibaraki as an English teacher. Married; birth of my daughter.
Became a certified course instructor for baby massage.
Moved to Germany; birth of my son.
Attended KaQiLa classes given by Tamaki.
Certified KaQiLa Course Instructor.
Since September, conducting KaQiLa courses in Berlin.
Certified Shiiku-Exercise (Kids’ KaQiLa) Course Instructor.

I am currently living in Berlin with a daughter and a son, who attend a bilingual primary school in Berlin, and my German husband. I’m enjoying trilingual parenting and doing KaQiLa courses.

Founder of KaQiLa己抄呼~Misako~

Misako has been at the forefront of a variety of exercises and health coaching. However, in 1996 she was diagnosed with a thyroid tumour and due to the dysfunction of the thyroid gland, she was unable to move her body as much as she wanted to and suffered from fatigue and dizziness. As a result, she began researching ways to improve the health of people who are unable to move their bodies as much as they would like, or who want to exercise but cannot, without putting too much strain on their bodies. She therefore focused on the joints rather than the muscles. By studying the function of bones and joints, she developed the new concept of "moving the ribs". All the exercise units she created are anatomically supported. In 2009, she had completed her studies and presented them to the public.

Published books:

  • ラダをつくる 水泳のポイント~ゆったり長く泳ぐ~健康なカラダをつくる 水泳のポイント~ゆったり長く泳ぐ~ (己抄呼~Misako~著/メイツユニバーサルコンテンツ)
  • 10万人の体の痛みをついに治した!肋骨メソッド10万人の体の痛みをついに治した!
    肋骨メソッド (己抄呼~Misako~著/SBクリエイティブ)
  • 奇跡のろっ骨エクササイズKaQiLa(カキラ)奇跡のろっ骨エクササイズKaQiLa(カキラ) (己抄呼~Misako~著/主婦と生活社)
  • くびれスッキリ!ろっ骨エクササイズくびれスッキリ!ろっ骨エクササイズ (己抄呼~Misako~著/SBクリエイティブ社)
  • もっと楽しく!ゆったり長く泳げるコツ50もっと楽しく!ゆったり長く泳げるコツ50 (己抄呼~Misako~監修/山海堂)

Many television programmes and magazine articles

NHK関西「ぐるっと関西おひるまえ」 Since June 2015, she has appeared regularly once a month on NHK Kansai's television station "Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae". Misako's original "Soukai! Raku-Raku-Taisou (KaQiLa)" is very popular!

婦人公論、週刊女性などなど Oggi,Body+などFujin Koron / Oggi / Shukan Josei / Josei Seven / Body+ / Nikkei MJ / Nikkei Health / Monthly Seventeen / Monthly Japan Fitness and many other publications and magazine articles


About KaQiLa founder Misako

Misako is one of the leading health figures in Japan. Her fitness and movement exercises are well known throughout Japan.

She gives numerous lectures at companies, government and medical institutions and on television.

Since April 2015, she has had her own monthly television programme on NHK Kainsai, in which she gives health tips.

Since June 2015, she has appeared regularly once a month on NHK Kansai's television station "Gurutto Kansai Ohirumae".

Misako's original "Soukai! Raku-Raku-Taisou (KaQiLa)" is very popular!

Join us for KaQiLa, an exercise that will help you align your body from the rib movements, and feel better physically and mentally!

KaQiLa is a health training based on scientific knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. KaQiLa exercises are performed according to individual physical conditions, in accordance with your own rhythm and respective strengths, in a relaxed manner and with joy.

We offer a trial lesson for all Berlin courses.
Please try our course: KaQiLa works immediately!

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